Credit Cards

Greater Springfield Credit Union is pleased to announce starting July 25, 2018 we will be accepting applications for our in house credit cards with low rates and rewards too.  For added convenience, you are able to make payments at both of our branches, as well as through your online banking and mobile app! Consolidating all your finances to one place makes life much easier. Pick up an application at either location!

3 Credit Card Options

Classic – offering a 0% balance transfer* option for the first 12 months**

Rewards – offering a 0% balance transfer* option for the first 6 months**

Secured – helping to establish or rebuild credit

Click here to view our VISA Agreement

Click here to view our VISA Application

Card Activation

1-800-411-6390 or

Cardholders can activate their new card by phone and then select a custom PIN for cash advances. If you choose Web Activation, you will be unable at that time to choose a PIN.

Real Time PIN Change


Cardholders will be able to change their PIN in real time for all credit cards. The card must be active prior to attempting to use the real time PIN change phone line.

After Hours Lost/Stolen Cards

1-800-682-6075 or 

Transaction Assistance Line

Toll Free : 1-888-526-0404        Collect: 1-206-352-4954


*Fee for balance transfer = $0

**APR after intro period on balance transfers to be based on credit score